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Types of Perals

  • AKOYA Pearls - classic and incomparable luster
  • AKOYA Pearls - classic and incomparable luster

    The Akoya pearl is a classic saltwater pearl from Japan. It grows in the Akoya oyster, which is cultivated in the south-west of Japan. The pearl has a diameter of up to 10 mm. The harmonious colours range from white, cream, delicate pink and silver. The Akoya pearl leaves a notable impression with its brilliant luster and its largely round shape.

  • TAHITI Perlen – geheimnisvoll und exotisch
  • TAHITI Pearls - mysterious and exotic

    The natural black Tahiti pearl is cultivated in French-Polynesia. The black-lipped pearloyster is unique in that it gives the Tahiti pearl its incomparable colour palette. It shimmers in the finest light-grey, resembles silver, makes greenish tones light up, or wraps itself in mysterious black. The so-called peacock pearl, which unfolds an undistinguishable colour spectrum within a pearl, is particularly exceptional. Due to its exotic radiance, the Tahiti pearl is very popular. It can be up to 17 mm in rare cases.

  • SOUTH-SEA Pearls - rare and valuable
  • SOUTH-SEA Pearls - rare and valuable

    The rare South-Sea pearl is cultivated mainly in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines in salt water. This particular pearl can not be cultivated in oyster beds, as it grows freely and naturally on the seabed. Because of this peculiarity, it is considered the "most precious" amongst pearls. Its delicate shimmering colours vary from light yellow and gold, to white and silver. With a diameter of up to 20 mm it is one of the largest pearls and, thus, sells at top prices.

  • FRESH WATER Pearls - surprising and inexpensive
  • FRESH WATER Pearls - surprising and inexpensive

    The fast-growing Fresh Water pearl is cultivated in Japan, and especially in China. Up to 30 pearls can be grown in one oyster alone. Its forms range from oval to baroque with an astounding colour spectrum, with pink, salmon-orange purple and violet being the most popular. The Fresh Water pearl represents a beautiful and inexpensive alternative.

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