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Quality Features

Each natural organic pearl is grown inside a living oyster for several years and is therefore a fascinating natural product. Nature alone determines the size, shape, colour, gloss and surface texture of the bead.


The larger a pearl is, the more precious and rare it is.


The unique inner glow of a pearl is called “luster”. The more intensely the pearl illuminates, the more desirable it is. As the pearls mature in the oyster, the layer of the nacre thickens and the iridescent luster intensifies. The reflection of the light through the fine layers of the nacre (also known as the mother-of-pearl), contributes decisively to the luster of the pearl.


Ideally, pearls are round. Since flawless round pearls and perfect drop forms are extremely rare, these pearls are very much in demand.


The pearls are mostly available in white, greenish-white, rose, gold-yellow, and even in grey and black colours. When selecting a pearl, the colour is generally one of the major deciding factors for the buyer.

Surface Finish

The smoother the surface of the pearl is, the more valuable it is. Imperfections such as blemishes are also a sign of nature.


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