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Our replacement and repair service

It just so happens that one may lose a beloved jewel. We are pleased to help you recover missing pearls from your jewellery, be it earrings, pearl necklaces, or anything else you hold dearly. With attention to detail we can create an equivalent substitute in a highly professional manner, with the most valuable materials in place. With us, your jewellery no longer lies lonely in your jewellery box.

Our services are not limited to creating and selling pearls, but helping to find substitutes for jewellery usually worn in pairs. In addition, it is also possible to extend or repair pieces of jewellery with distinct design patterns.

Pearl care

As a pure natural product, perfumes, creams, and also body perspiration can cause the nacre layer of the pearl to become slightly damaged. Simple cleaning with a soft cloth is sufficient for maintenance. Pearls are best preserved in a soft case separate from other jewellery in order to avoid scratches on the smooth surface. So that your beloved jewellery is well maintained and in pristine condition, we recommend you have it expertly checked by us once a year.


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